ZUST Fashion Design Graduates Works Highlight 2016 China Graduate Fashion Week2016-05-25 09:33:00

    On May 15th ZUST Fashion Design graduates works made their debut in north 751D. Park, which was this major’s fourth year to present their works in China Graduate Fashion Week.

    With the theme of “The Voice”, this presentation showfocused on the display of costumes, trying to express the young designers’echo of this era and expectationof the future.
     This show presented 77 sets of costumes in total, falling into four categories—The Sound &the Fury, Rhapsody, Airy Voice and Rebirth of Cocoon. Its title “The Voice” tried to reveal young people’s inner voice in creative thinking, self-cognition and innovation through the rich fashion materials and the surprising design with artistic tension.

   Besides, the ZUST Fashion Design graduates of 2016 also applied new-type fabric to the costumes. They were encouraged to take into consideration both epochal and social character,art and technology, tentativeness and practicality.
    This presentation show won wide acclaims by insiders and was reported by medias as, Xinhua Net, Fashion.iFeng, Fashion Designers, etc. The following is the official video link:­­_2224408.html

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