ZUST Awards Ceremony for Technology Innovation & Outstanding Students2016-05-30 09:50:00


    The awards ceremony was held on May 26th to celebrate 2015 ZUST achievements in technology innovation, and to commend the outstanding student collectives and individuals. Prof. Zhao Dongfu, deputy secretary of ZUST Party Committee, Prof. Feng Jun and Prof. Wan Jian, vice presidents of ZUST, attended this ceremony. It was also joined by more than 200 participants, including leaders from different  departments and schools, the contact persons of science and technology competition, university counselors,representatives of class advisors, and representatives of collective and personal prize-winners.
    On behalf of the university, Prof. Zhao congratulated the teachers and students on winning the honors. He pointed out that all the teachers and students had worked extremely hard to break through to the "university dream" benchmarks in the last year. There was frequent good news about ZUST students’ winning various competitions of science and technology and innovation activities, which helped ZUST to realize its "university dream". Prof. Zhao hoped that all the teachers and students could practice excellent study style, remain honest and rigorous in scholarship, and never cease pursuing excellence. To become the testing ground of innovative entrepreneurship and educational reform, Prof. Zhao called for the further optimization of the related policies, and the improvement of the entrepreneurship and employment quality. Meanwhile, aiming to follow the goal of "university dream", he encouraged all teachers and students to stimulate the passion and wisdom for innovation and entrepreneurship, and build excellent study habits, contributing to the realization of the "university dream".
     In the ceremony, Prof. Feng read the commendatory documents. The collectives and individuals honorary certificates and medals were awarded.
     ZUST students took an active part in technology competition and innovation activities in 2015, and won 12 international prizes, 162 national prizes and 467 provincial prizes. The university also gained 2 national rewards for its excellent organization, and 4 similar rewards at provincial level. Therein, ZUST delegation won 12 national prizes and 122 provincial ones in level-A competitions. ZUST students made breakthroughs in all kinds of competitions: for the first time they won the national grand prize in level-A competition and the prize in UEDC (national electronic design competition); in 2015 “Anji Cup” China Robot Competition hosted by ZUST received favorable comment from the press. The JT Robot team from ZUST achieved the best results in university history; the setting of more innovative bases greatly encouraged students’ participation in these competitions. In 2015, the number of participants was over 10,000 and nearly 1000 students won various prizes. 149 college students' extracurricular science and technology innovation and practice projects (Chunmeng Plan) were approved in ZUST, 41 (Xinmiao Plan) were approved in Zhejiang province, and 20 college students innovation and entrepreneur projects were approved at the state level. 344 open experimental projects were approved, inviting the participation of about 5,000 students all year round, which vigorously promoted the competitions of science and technology and relevant innovation activities.
     In 2015, ZUST paid much attention to the building of an excellent learning atmosphere and made great achievements in it. 25 students won the 2014-2015 national scholarship, 520 students the national scholarship for encouragement, 886 students honor of “ZUST merit student” and 344 students the first prize scholarship in ZUST.

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