Scholarship Awards and a 100% Acceptance Rate2016-06-22 16:48:00

    Recently, there has been good news from CSC (China Scholarship Council). 43 students recommended by ZUST have all won scholarships in CSC's “2016 International Exchange Program for Excellent Undergraduates”, and the foreign universities’ acceptance rate is a record high 100%. This is the best outcome in the history of the International Exchange Program in ZUST. It is also on the top of the list of Zhejiang Provence universities. This year, a total of 203 students from Zhejiang Province universities won CSC scholarships and ZUST students accounted for 21.18%.
     To better select and recommend excellent undergraduates for the 2016 International Exchange Program, in March of this year ZUST's International Office held a mobilization meeting to discuss details of the selection procedure with relevant leaders and secretaries of foreign affairs from different Schools. In addition, the International Office took the initiative and communicated and coordinated with CSC, strictly reviewed students’ materials, and assisted these students to communicate with foreign universities. Through their joint efforts, after the assessment and interview by professors from cooperating universities in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Italy and the evaluation and selection of CSC, ZUST's 2016 International Exchange Program for Excellent Undergraduates made a significant breakthrough with an eye-popping result of a 100% acceptance rate!
      The International Exchange Program for Excellent Undergraduates is mainly targeted at universities of “Project 985”, “Project 211” and “Project of Key Disciplines and Specialties”, selecting excellent second-year (or third- /fourth-year) undergraduates to study in career-oriented disciplines and specialties of well-known foreign universities and institutions.
      Our 43 scholarship winners participated in 13 Undergraduate Exchange Programs in ZUST. These Majors cover: Mechanical Design and Automation in collaboration with Erfurt University of Applied Sciences (1 student), and Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (8 students); Mathematics, Computer & Information Science in collaboration with Dresden University of Applied Sciences (4 students); Economic Management in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Emden / Leer (3 students), Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences (4 students), Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (4 students), The South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences (4 students), Trier University of Applied Sciences (2 students), and St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (2 students); German in collaboration with Hildesheim University (1 student) and Georg-August University of Göttingen (2 students); Physical Mathematics & Information Science Major with Saga University in Japan (6 students); Artistic Design in collaboration with the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy (2 students).

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