Prof. Gong Jianli to Take up the Post of Party Secretary General of ZUST2016-11-11 16:45:00

       On Nov 9th, ZUST held the meeting of cadres to announce the decision of adjustment of the ZUST Party secretary general made by Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee. This meeting was attended by Zhang Xuewei, deputy minister of the Organization Department and Two New central committee secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Chen Genfang, deputy secretary of Provincial Education Committee and deputy director of Provincial Department of Education, Pu Xiaobin, director of Personnel Division of Provincial Organization Department, and Ying Fangcai, committee member of Provincial Education Committee and director of Personnel Division. Chen Genfang presided over the meeting and Pu Xiaobin read out the appointment and dismissal of cadres file.
        Provincial Party Committee decided that Gong Jianli should take up the Post of Party committee member and Party Secretary General of ZUST while Wang Jianhua will no longer serve as Party committee member and Party Secretary of ZUST due to his age.
        All the leaders of ZUST Party and administration, cadres, professors, heads of democratic parties, members of executive committee of Teacher's and Staff’s Representative Committees as well as the old university leadership members who retired in recent three years attended the meeting.

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