Poetry Seminar Welcomes the Coming New Year2017-01-03 08:35:00



      On the evening of Dec. 23rd, the New Year’s poetry seminar began with the title “Watch for the Happiness, Fly on the Dream”.  The seminar was held in the report hall of west library. President Ye Gaoxiang attended the activity and delivered a speech. He said he had attended the New Year’s poetry seminar for three years in succession and witnessed improved quality year by year. He also mentioned that the seminar filled the campus with a rich cultural atmosphere, and expressed his sincere wishes for the seminar. All the teachers and students enjoyed themselves in the poetic world.
The poetry seminar was divided into three parts, each with its unique splendor.     Performers recited over ten charming poems with full passion. The seminar began with a series of poems from The Book of Songs, one of the earliest anthologies of verse in China. Then, “The Nirvana of Phoenix” expressed a majestic momentum. The kids recited “The Short Poem for West Lake” in their tender voices. “Watching Zhejiang Tide”, a poem from the Tang dynasty, created a vivid grand scene to our imaginations. “We Are Young” and “Catch the Dream of Youth” narrated the dynamic character of youth. A new version of “Notes of Yueyang Tower”, a famous poem created during the Northern Song Dynasty, left the listeners with a meaningful and expressive impression. “My North and South” displayed a view of the great rivers and mountains in our country. Finally, the 2017 poetry seminar ended with a song “The Best Wishes for New Year”. 

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