International Volunteers make great efforts to protect water 2017-03-10 14:49:00

    International volunteers from “Leifenglian” team of ZUST came to Yanshan River. They inspected the river and cleaned the rubbish beside the river.
    Guided by the river chief, foreign students from Nigeria, Somlia, Zimbabwe and Angola picked up the cigatette butts and waste paper beside river. They said this activity made a big sense and provided a very good chance for them to know about the policies of Chinese government. As the member of new comers of Hangzhou, protect water related with everyone’s interests. Panashe Meda from Zimbabwe said, “Through our efforts the river is turning cleaner, we feel very proud of oursevles! It is very affective that Chinese govenment appoint local govenment heads as river chiefs across the nation to clean up and protect its water resources. And in the future we will continue to make contributions and propagate this policy in our home countries.”
    The task of protecting water is not only the job of the government, but also an obligation and responsbility for everyone. Let us all join the “Leifenglian” to make our environment cleaner and more beautiful.

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