ZUST’s First Expert Enlisted in the National “Thousand Talents Plan”2017-04-01 08:12:00

    Recently, Dr. Tian Kehan from the School of Science of ZUST was selected for the thirteenth national entrepreneur program in the “Thousand Talents Plan” (also named as the Recruitment Program of Global Experts). He became ZUST’s first distinguished expert to be enlisted in the national Thousand Talents, which signifies that we have made a significant breakthrough in joining that national plan.
    Dr. Tian Kehan was born in December, 1977. In 1999 and 2001, he received a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree respectively from Tsinghua University. In 2006, he was awarded a PhD in optics from MIT in the United States. He has devoted himself to researching in cutting-edge technologies, including diffraction optics, semiconductor nano manufacturing and application system development. Formerly he worked for IBM in the United States and he has been employed full time at ZUST since June, 2015. Already, nearly 50 of his academic papers have been presented and/or published at international conferences and the top journals of physics and optics, and more than 40 of his patents have been approved. Moreover, many of his patented discoveries have created huge economic benefits, totaling more than 60 million US dollars.
       Dr. Tian’s success indicates the great progress that our university has made in cultivating talents during the last few years. According to ZUST statistics, 35 key and major programs at the national level and provincial levels were newly presided over by ZUST teachers in 2016,and 70% of them have been recruited since 2014.

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