“Five Water Treatment” Education in ZUST Anji Campus2017-05-03 14:21:00

        In April, Youth League Branch Day was celebrated on Anji Campus with the theme of “eliminating poor-quality water (lower than level V) for beautiful Zhejiang”. Related extensive activities were organized. 4,000 students from 133 youth league branches participated in this activity and inspected rivers, thus managing to learn more about the treatment of “Five Water”: sewage, flood, waterlog, water supply and water saving.
        There were various forms of activities, rich in content, such as participating in river bank cleaning, volunteering to inspect rivers in the countryside, as well as exchanging experience of saving and protecting water with local villagers. By visiting the Water Resources Bureau and other departments, the students had an opportunity to get to know about the progress of “Five Water Treatment” in Anji. They also actively responded to the call for “eliminating poor-quality water (lower than level V)” through writing and reciting poems, photographic contests and distributing leaflets. Their activities drew attention from some news media such as Anji News and Anji News Network. The Youth League Branch Day made it a success both in water treatment education in the new age and in its motivation and publicity. 

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