International Students Organized to Carry Out Cultural Tour in Jiangxi Province2017-05-23 15:12:00

        From May 13th to 14th, more than 80 ZUST international students were organized to take a cultural tour in Jingdezhen city and Wuyuan county in Jiangxi Province. In this way, they broadened their horizons and developed a better understanding of Chinese culture.
 In Jingdezhen,students appreciated exquisite ceramics, acquainted themselves with the features and production of ceramics, and gained hands-on experience of how to mould shape and paint ceramics. With rich imagination and repeated practice, a wonderful array of artworks was thereby created to show craftsmanship.
       Then they visited Yuantou, an ancient ecological village of Wuyuan County. This village is featured by typical Anhui-style architecture with white wharf walls and black tiles combined harmoniously. They appreciated the beauty of China’s villages up close, learned much about the uniqueness of China’s agricultural civilization and experienced the hospitality and simplicity of the local folk.
        The international students expressed that the cultural tour had provided them with a precious opportunity to explore outside of the city limits, to embrace the natural world and learn about the splendid and profound Chinese culture. Thus they had a better understanding of China.

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