Administrative Departments

General office // Office for the Secretary and President

Organization Office (Talent Management Office)

Publicity Office

United Front Work Office

Office of Development and Planning

Human Resources Office(CPC Faculty Affairs Office)

Undergraduate Student Office(CPC Undergraduate Student Affairs Office)

Graduate Student Office (CPC Graduate Student Affairs Office)

Academic Programmes Management Office 

Academic Research Affairs Office 

Financial Affairs Office

Auditing Office

Campus Construction and Management Office

International Cooperation and Exchange Office ( Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office)

Campus Security Office

Public Asset and Laboratory Management Office

Retiree Services Center

Admission and Employment Services Center

Anji campus Administrative Committee Office

Disciplinary Committee Office

CPC Committee Office for Administrative Departments

Trade Union

Youth League

Women's Federation

Education Facilitative Departments



Information and Technology Center 

Procurement Center

Logistics Center

Center for Teaching Quality Management and Assesstment

Center for Teachers Development