ZUST Volunteers Served the 13th National Students Games2017-09-25 14:08:00

From September 4th to 16th, the 13th National Students Games was held in Hangzhou. 65 volunteers of ZUST engaged in voluntary service with their youthful enthusiasm.
In this event, 3 lead teachers and 65 students of ZUST served as volunteers for middle school female football matches in Greentown Yuhua Division. Among them, there were 18 competition volunteers, 11 ritual volunteers, 32 general volunteers and 4 information technology volunteers. During the competition, they provided athletes, journalists, audience, and other relevant groups with the services of ushering, security check, guidance, order maintenance, team contacting and information broadcasting. Our volunteers contributed to the success of this competition and won praises from the leadership of the division, staff, athletes, and audience. Various media also reported their excellent service.
It was learned that more than 1, 000 teachers and students applied for voluntary service since the volunteer selection was officially initiated in January 2017. After 3 rounds of interview, 4 rounds of training and political vetting, 65 volunteers passed selection procedures. In addition to competition service, 4 general volunteers, 3 ritual volunteers and 36 ordinary volunteers also participated in the service of performance at the opening ceremony.

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