ZUST “Xiao Wutong” Shine in the World Internet Conference2017-12-15 16:47:00

From 27th November to 5th December, 50 volunteers as well as 2 teachers from ZUST took part in the 4th World Internet Conference and provided services to it in Wuzhen, and thus demonstrated the energetic spirit and youthful devotion of ZUST students.
During the conference, as hotel and medical service volunteers, the major duties of ZUST “Xiao Wutong” (student volunteers serving in Wuzhen) were to offer guidance, translation, tour guide and so on in hotels. During the drill and service period, ZUST “Xiao Wutong” were punctual, disciplined, determined to fight difficulties, cooperative and willing to help. Their dedication and considerate service benefited a total of nearly 1000 people, winning much praises from the participants and the sponsors.
Ms. Wang Huilin, the deputy secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Communist Youth League Committee, paid a visit to the ZUST volunteers. ZUST “Xiao Wutong” were also interviewed by CCTV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, the Youth Times and other media.
Since the volunteer selection of WIC officially launched in April, it had gained popular attention and ZUST got actively involved. More than one thousand ZUST students applied. After three rounds of interviews and four trainings, the final volunteer list was eventually decided.

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