Phasal Summative Conference on Academic Honesty Held in ZUST2017-06-22 14:37:00


On June 13th, the Phasal Summative Conference on Academic Honesty as well as the Awarding Ceremony for Student Honesty Activities was held in the broadcasting classroom on Anji campus. Prof. Feng Jun, the vice president of ZUST, presided over the ceremony. Prof. Ye Gaoxiang, president of ZUST, and Prof. Zhao Dongfu, the Deputy Party Committee Secretary of ZUST, attended the conference.
Prof. Ye Gaoxiang, on behalf of ZUST, thanked all the teachers and students for their active participation in activities of academic honesty and for their faith and efforts to achieve the “University Dream”. He called on each and every student of ZUST to take an active part in contributing to the “University Dream”. Each student will be awarded the Honorary Certificate of Academic Integrity when s/he graduates from ZUST.
During the last academic year, various honesty education activities were carried out on Anji campus, including honesty class meetings, a debate contest with the theme of honesty, honesty-proposing activities, an honesty color run, an “Honesty is in My Heart” competition and a series of honesty lectures delivered by well-known scholars. With all these activities, surely academic honesty will be better engraved in students’ and teachers’ hearts and demonstrated in their behavior!

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