The Opening of the Chinese-German Friendship Garden2015-10-30 15:09:00

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the founding of ZUST and the 30th anniversary the Chinese-German cooperation, the opening ceremony of the Chinese-German Friendship Garden was held on October 26th. Present at the ceremony were Prof. Wang Jianhua, Chairman of University Council, Prof. Ye Gaoxiang, president of ZUST, Prof. Zhu Shusheng, former president of ZUST, directors of the German partner institutions and representatives of Chinese and German students. ZUST vice president Prof. Zheng Youqu presided over the ceremony.
Prof. Wang Jianhua, Prof. Ye Gaoxiang, Prof. Zhu Shusheng, Prof. Josef von Helden, president of Hannover University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Joachim Litz, vice president of Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, and Prof. Hanno Kirsch, president of West Coast University of Applied Sciences unveiled the Record Board of the Chinese-German Friendship Garden. They planted some ginkgo trees symbolizing the friendship between China and Germany.
President Ye Gaoxiang stated in his speech that ZUST had achieved win-win cooperation with 25 German institutions through 30 years of all levels of cooperation; the application-oriented undergraduate education mode and achievements were highly praised by both Chinese and German governments; and the frequent communication witnessed the friendship between the two countries. The setting of the board and the planting of the ginkgo trees were to promote further cooperation between education institutions of the two countries and bring greater achievements.
President Josef von Helden and professor Peter F. Brosch of Hannover University of Applied Sciences, the first German education institution to cooperate with ZUST, delivered speeches in the opening ceremony to give their best wishes to the friendship between the two countries.

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