The symposium of the 30th Anniversary of the Chinese-German Cooperation held2015-11-05 15:14:00

On Oct. 26, the symposium of the 30th anniversary of the Chinese-German Cooperation was held. It was chaired by Prof. Zheng Youqu, Vice President of ZUST. Present at the event were about 20 university leaders and professors from Hannover University of Applied Science and Technology, Dresden University of Technology and Economy, Oster Faria University of Applied Sciences, Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, Jade University of Applied Sciences, West Coast University of Applied Sciences and Luebeck University of Applied Sciences and representatives from ZUST. This was the second symposium with our partner institutions after the first one held on April 15th this year.
At the symposium, Prof. Zheng Youqu expressed appreciation for the support of our partner institutions and briefly reviewed the 30-year history of Chinese-German cooperation. The two parties exchanged ideas on the topics of: the improvement of language and intercultural communication competence, the expansion of cooperation areas, the upgrade of cooperation level, university company cooperation, and the optimization of the Chinese-German cooperation structure, etc. Prof. Zheng Youqu expressed his hope that the two parties would keep close relations and carry out extensive and deeper cooperation.
At the meeting, Prof. Zheng Youqu also introduced the plan of the Chinese-German Friendship Garden and asked for suggestions from the German party. The German representatives all spoke highly of the plan and promised active participation.

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