Tree Planting Beautifies Our Campus by School Leaders, Teachers and2018-03-19 14:27:30

On the morning of March 12th, the Arbor Day, ZUST held a tree-planting activity. Professor Gong Jianli, Secretary of the Party Committee of ZUST, President Ye Gaoxiang and other university leaders led the representatives of teachers, students and alumni to plant trees, bringing verdure to our beautiful campus.

At about 9:00am, by Ximi Lake, all people had definite divisions of labor with good teamwork and carried out each step in an orderly manner, such as positioning, filling, refilling and watering the trees. While planting, Gong Jianli and Ye Gaoxiang communicated with teachers from time to time and enquired the responsible staff of relevant departments of the tree’s species, growth cycle, and ecological environment.

Many measures were taken beforehand to ensure that the planting activity was carried out smoothly. The Resources Administrative Office had designed several projects at the beginning of this year, and the Logistics Services Division had been to some garden bases in Jiangsu, Huzhou and Shaoxing to select tree species during the winter vacation. Additionally, the staff of Green Center had made full preparations before hand, like digging pits and filling soil before planting trees.


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