A New China-Foreign Cooperation Program of Undergraduate Education in ZUST Approved2018-09-07 08:19:39

Recently, the Education Ministry has authorized an undergraduate education program application in data science and big data technology by ZUST and UCP (The University of Cergy-Pontoise in France). This program is the only China-foreign cooperation program of undergraduate education approved in Zhejiang province this year.

This program plans to recruit students in September, 2019. No more than 90 students will be enrolled each year, which would be included in National college enrollment plan. It adopts “4+0” training mode: students can receive undergraduate diploma of ZUST after finishing the curriculum required by the training program and getting qualified scores; those who meet both universities’ requirements of the Bachelor’s degree programs will be granted a degree in data science and big data technology from ZUST and a degree in computer science from UCP.

UCP, with about 20,000 full-time students, has the right to grant doctoral degrees. UCP consists of five colleges: College of Science and Technology, College of Economics, College of Law, College of Humanities and College of International Research. ZUST and UCP have also cooperated in the undergraduate program in civil engineering.

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