Welcome, Newcomers! Welcome, Millennials!2018-09-14 08:24:37

Freshmen from all over the nation were welcomed by ZUST on Sept. 8th.

Prof. Gong Jianli, the Secretary of CPC Party Committee of ZUST, Prof. Ye Gaoxiang, the President of ZUST, and the accompanying departments’ heads welcomed new arrivals and expressed greetings to them. They also visited the dormitories to introduce the characteristics and development of ZUST to the 2018 freshmen and their parents. The university leaders encouraged freshmen to adjust to the new life as soon as possible, treasure time, study hard and enjoy their youth to create a bravo life.

In this year, nearly 3900 undergraduate newcomers and more than 300 postgraduate freshmen from 24 provinces (city and autonomous regions) of the whole nation, including Taiwan, join our big family—ZUST. Among the undergraduates, more than 60% of them are Millennials. Seven of them were born in 2002. Moreover, by 4 p.m. on that very day, more than 200 overseas students have already enrolled, over half of whom are graduates.

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