Governor of Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Günther Leads a Delegation to Visit ZUST2018-09-28 08:30:53

On September 19th, Daniel Günther, governor of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, led a delegation to visit Anji campus of ZUST and attended the Degree Awarding Ceremony of some graduating class and the Opening Ceremony of Freshman of 2018 of the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering (CDAI). The welcome ceremony was hosted by ZUST Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Prof. Zhou Jiamin, and attended by Deputy Director of Provincial Education Department, Yu Yongming, members of the School's Party and Government Team, and Deputy Head of Anji County, Ren Guiming. Prof. Gong Jianli, ZUST Secretary of Party Committee, presented a commemorative gift to Günther.

ZUST President Prof. Ye Gaoxiang warmly welcomed the delegation. He said that with 30-year history of cooperation between ZUST and German universities, ZUST has accelerated with the process of reform and opening up and its international school administrative capability is in the forefront among provincial universities. Besides, he also pointed out that according to the mode of running German University of Applied Sciences and the actual conditions in Zhejiang Province and China, ZUST has deepened the reform of education and teaching, and gradually formed the mode of cultivating high-level applied talents under the background of internationalization. In 2014, with the diligent efforts of both countries, the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering, jointly sponsored by ZUST and other two universities in Schleswig-Holstein, achieved remarkable results. He expected that the visit of the governor will further promote wider and deeper cooperation between ZUST and Schleswig-Holstein in the fields of education and scientific research.

Yu Yongming said that over the past 30 years since the establishment of friendly provincial and state relations, the two sides have carried out all-round friendly exchanges. In the field of education, this cooperation has also yielded fruitful results. During this period, universities of both sides have established close contacts and carried out varied forms of cooperation such as Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, teacher-student exchanges, personnel training, cooperative scientific research, teaching seminars and so on, of which the cooperation of ZUST and Schleswig-Holstein is the most obvious one. Governor Daniel Günther and his delegation made special arrangements to visit the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering, which gave full recognition and encouragement to the educational cooperation of both sides. Hopefully, the two sides will promote closer ties in the field of education, learn from each other and deepen cooperation.

Günther highly praised Sino-German cooperation pattern of ZUST. He said that cooperation and exchange between universities is an important part of the cooperation between provinces and states. Over the past five years, the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering has been operating well and has further deepened the exchange program. All participants have benefited from it and hopefully there will be further cooperation under the framework of the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering. After the ceremony, the Graduation Degree Awarding Ceremony of 2018 (partly) plus the Opening Ceremony of Freshman Class of 2018 of the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering were held. Günther and school leaders issued Sino-German diplomas to graduates as well as certificates to scholarship winners.

During the visit, the governor visited the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering and planted the tree of friendship.

Heads from relevant departments of Provincial Education Department and Foreign Offices, directors from relevant Functional Departments of ZUST and the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering, some graduates and all freshmen of the Chinese-German Institute of Applied Engineering of 2018, as well as student representatives from Germany attended the ceremony.

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