One International Graduate Student in ZUST Publishes Many SCI Academic Papers2018-10-26 16:40:25

Until now, ZUST Pakistani student Javed Mudassar of Chemical Engineering and Technology has published 5 papers indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI). As the first author, he has wrote Complete Encapsulation of Zeolite Supported Co Based Core with Silicalite-1 shell to Achieve High Gasoline Selectivity in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis and From hydrophilic to Hydrophobic: A Promising Approach to Tackle High CO2 Selectivity of Fe-based Fischer-Tropsch Microcapsule Catalysts. These two papers were published in Fuel and Catalysis Today, whose impact factors are 4.908 and 4.667 respectively.

According to his supervisor Xing Chuang, Javed, as a Chinese Government Scholarship winner, has been deeply involved in laboratory construction, and his diligence, assiduity and good research capability has made him an academic talent in ZUST. He is now actively writing articles and striving for the publishing of more high-quality SCI papers.

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