Master's Degree Granting Rights

Subject Name Secondary Discipline、Major Research Field
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical manufacturing and automation Digital manufacturing technology;
Ultra-precision machining and measuring;
Mold design and manufacturing;
Automated warehousing logistics equipment and cold chain logistics
Mechatronic Engineering Intelligent Transportation Electro-mechanical Equipment;
Intelligent Transportation Information System;Electro-hydraulic control system;
Auto parts production automation equipment;
Fault Diagnosis and treatment of Mechanical equipment
Mechanical design and theory Theory and method for innovation design of mechanism;
Design and optimization of mechanical dynamics;
Design technology of mechanical and electrical equipment;
The design theory and method for micro-nano system;
Industrial engineering and logistics technology
Vehicle Engineering Vehicle vibration suppression and detection;
Vehicle modern design theory and method;
Energy conservation and energy harvesting of vibration energy ;
Technology of new energy vehicle
Energy equipment and energy saving and environmental protection technology Enhancing heat transfer equipment and energy saving theory research;
New energy powered equipment and corresponding technology research;
Non conventional energy equipment and basic theory research ;
Low pollution combustion and environmental protection equipment and corresponding technology research
Creative Design and Manufacture Product integration innovation;
Visual image and information design;
Fashion design and process
Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Geo-environmental Engineering;
Ground and Foundation Engineering;
Underground and Tunneling Engineering;
Underground space development and utilization ;
Oil dynamics and foundation
Structural Engineering Concrete structure;
Steel structure;
Health monitoring, authenticating and strengthening for existing structures;
Structure design theory and application of ;
Structure seismic and vibration reduction;
New material of structure engineering, green structure material;
Mathematic mechanics and application
Municipal engineering Theory and technology of sewage/waste water treatment;
Theory and technology of drinking water treatment;
System optimization of municipal pipe networks;
Treatment and dispose of household garbage;
Solid waste recycling;
Ecological remediation of soil
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Stability analysis and support design for surrounding rock of mountain tunnels;
Construction hazard mitigation for urban tunnel
Civil Engineering Construction and Management Construction Economics and Management;
Construction Project Management;
Real Estate Economics and Management;
Statistical Forecasting Analysis and Risk Management
Chemical Engineering and Technology Chemical Engineering Chemical engineering of biomass resources utilization;
Reaction and separation engineering and process intensification;
Process simulation and control optimization
Chemical Technology Chemical conversion and technology of biomass resources;
Production and Cleaner Production technology of fine chemicals;
Refining technology of biomass resources
Biochemical Engineering Microorganism and fermentation engineering;
Biochemical separation technology and engineering;
Biocatalysis and biological conversion;
Agricultural and by-products processing and functional product development;
Bio-based functional materials;
Food Biotechnology
Applied Chemistry Application technology of fine chemicals;
Producing technology of bio-based chemicals;
Bio-active compounds and natural product chemistry
Industrial Catalysis Clean fuel catalysis technology;
Biomass catalytic conversion technology;
Green chemical catalysis technology;
Bio- catalysis technology
Biomass resource utilization
technology and engineering
Biomass based clean fuels;
Biomass based materials and chemicals;
Bio-based food and medicine
The theory and method of vehicle parts design;
Control of new energy automobile;
Vehicle vibration suppression and detection ;
Automatic manufacture of automobile parts
The electrical and smart control of vehicle